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NCLEX prep:  do you have a plan? All of you need to have a plan as to how you are going to prepare for the NCLEX.

  • Think about when you are going to take your test……3,4, or 6 weeks after graduation?
  • Do you have a study plan? What has worked best for you so far?
  • Do you plan on taking a NCLEX prep course such as Kaplan and/or Hurts?
  • Are you going to wait to get your RN license before looking for jobs?
  • What have previous graduates told you about how to study and how they were successful?
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 What is a clinical ladder? Do you want to work in a hospital that offers a clinical ladder? What types of things would you involve yourself in as a new nurse on your unit to participate in if involved in a clinical ladder program?

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Journal #10 – Interview

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You are going for that first interview for that dream nursing job……think of at least 5 questions you would like to ask your future employer about before you say “yes!” List them below……..and by the way, asking what the salary is not one of them.

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Cultural Competence: Explain in your own words what cultural competence in nursing is.  Give at least 2 examples of websites that are available for resources related to nursing and cultural competence.

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What is a Magnet hospital? Look up the ANCC website.  Find the Magnet Recognition model and choose one of the  5 components with the 14 Forces of Magnetism.  Pick one the 14 Forces of Magnetism and give an example of this at your current place of practice for Leadership or Practicum.

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Where can you find a copy of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics? Please review and pick one of the 9 provisions that is important to you.  How are you going to emulate this in your practice? Give 3 examples.

Responses due by Sunday midnight, June 24. Relevent information expressed in at least 100 words for your response (10pts.)and a comments on at least 2 fellow students blog (5 pts ea).



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Your responses due by Midnight 6/17/2012 I look forward to reading them.  

Shift hand off and report: we all as nurses need to give an end- of shift report and do walking rounds on our patients with the next shift nurse.  In seeing this routine, what things are you going to take into practice as  a nurse that you find helpful? Answer the below questions.

  • We can’t possibly know everything about every patient but…..what information do you think is imperative in order to take care of a patient during your shift?
  • Do you think using a shift report tool is helpful? Why or why not? Have you created your own?
  • Do you agree with walking rounds? Some nurses find it a waste of time while others think it is the key to patient continuity of care. What do you think?
  • If you do not get the information you need in report, are you going to ask the nurse or are you going to avoid conflict and look it up yourself? Does this affect your time management at the beginning of your shift?
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Journal #5

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Journal 5 – Five Nursing Priority Traps

List the Five suggested priority traps discussed in you text book. Give a nursing scenario example that you have experienced or observed during your clinical rotations. Discuss reactions or actions that would have avoided the exampled trap.

Posted for week #6 (06/04/12)

Last day of accepted responses 12 midnight 06/10/12

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Journal #4

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Conflict management: Read Table 6-6 p. 160 in your text. Think about a recent situation at work or in school when you disagreed with
someone.  Which conflict management technique did you use? Did it help achieve your goal or hinder the situation?
What would you do differently?

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Journal #3

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Nursing “burn out” is a common term that we have all heard at one
point during the nursing program.  As a new nurse starting on the floor, I want
you to think about how you are going to handle you first year as a new nurse
and how are you going to take care of yourself so that you don’t feel the “burn
out” effect. Please answer the questions below.

a)  What are 3 signs and symptoms of nursing “burn out”?

b) Have you seen this in nurses you have worked with on the floor and did they exhibit these behaviors? What other behaviors did you see that may
not be listed on the posts?

c) What is a solution for these nurses who are “burned out”?

d) Does the facility  have a responsibility to identify the at-risk nurses and make
interventions/improvements to help those nurses or does the nurse “just
need to suck it up” so to say and change their attitude?

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